Great Cake Ideas

A collection of Beautiful wedding cakes from around the world and links to more wedding cake ideas. Helping you to find the perfect cake for your style and tastes.

                 Wedding Cake Ideas and links to more                                             Wedding Cake Ideas

 I am always looking for
online, in magazines, EVERYWHERE I go.
My favorite people are always sending me pictures of cool cakes.
 I have a file in my computer of Great Cake Ideas from around the world.
I am sharing the contents of that file with you in the GALLERY! 
I have also included some favorite links to more Wedding Cakes. 
 There is a process to design a wedding cake. 
First, how many people do you want to feed? 
Then  pick your favorite shape: stacked or separated or on a stand that gives the illusion of floating tiers.
Decide on the number of and type of tiers you like: round, square or other.
... colors
... flowers
... graphic designs
Use design elements from your dress or the bridesmaid's dresses. 
Take cues from your decor, the invitations, theme or personal style. 
Pick out elements from a few different cakes to make yours UNIQUE to your event!
 Browse ideas books, troll online (I've added some favorite links), cut photos from magazines. Eventually you will find the picture(s) that say
but can we do it in another color?
The answer is always: YES! 
In the Gallery I have collected photos of
Great Cake Ideas.
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Thank You.